First Time Buyer for a Home in Land O' Lakes, Lutz, or Odessa?

Team Solkin empowers buyers. We are reliable, responsive, patient and risk-free. We take the time to explain the process of buying a home in detail, making sure you're informed and comfortable at every state of the process.

You've probably heard that selecting the right real estate agent is very important to ensure you're protected and make an educated and wise decision on which home will be right for your needs. We agree completely.

We know Land O Lakes, Lutz, and Odessa better than anyone, and our seller network (incorporating listing agent referrals, the MLS, community news, and association contacts) means we can locate, negotiate, and close on your dream property faster than anyone.

Team Solkin will lead you through the selection process, and our staff will advise you at each stage as to important factors and considerations, including the importance of area comparisson charts and values, community statistics and profiles, pre-approvals, financing, offer drafting, home inspections, and closing costs. As with all of our services, they are included and feature no surprises or hidden fees.

Our duty is to provide you with reliable, responsive service from scouting to contract to closing.

If you're buying a home in Land O Lakes, Lutz, or Odessa, you deserve the best in the business on your side. Choose Team Solkin.


Feel free to contact us at or by phone at (813) 802-7653. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have, regardless of who you choose as your real estate agent.